Samaritan House Meals

 In November of 2018 FUPC began a mission outreach project to prepare meals for our local homeless shelter.  Every Friday afternoon, a team of volunteers gathers to prepare a hot meal which is served that same evening at the Samaritan House shelter. 

Teams are comprised of 3 people who have completed ANSI Basic Food Handler Safety training and certification.  The meals are prepared from pre-selected recipes, and include a dessert. 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for this project please contact Denice Spicer, project coordinator.

Denice Spicer



Volunteers should plan to complete their certification by the end of their first month of work with the Meal Teams.  Training can be completed at:

For more information:


March 1   Van, Lisa, DR  

Queso Mac & Cheese Green Salad, Dessert


March 8   DR, Judy, Van

Cornbread Beef Skillet Pie


March 15   Mary, Murl

Hamburger Soup, Fruit, Dessert


March 22   Sharon, DR, Mary

Sausage Pasta, Salad, Dessert 


March 29   Judy, Charlotte, Van

Beef Shepard’s Pie, Salad, Dessert


April 5   Charlotte, Lisa, Sharon

Italian Hoagie Stromboli, Salad, Dessert


April 12   Murl, Charlotte, Judy

Queso Mac & Cheese, Salad, Dessert


April 19   Van, DR

Hamburger Soup, Salad, Dessert


April 26   Lisa, Sharon, Mary

Cornbread Beef Skillet Pie, Salad, Dessert